Our Strategy

We are actively seeking to acquire value-add and opportunistic multi-family and commercial assets in emerging markets nationwide.

For more information or to discuss specific investment opportunities, please contact us.

Investment Criteria

Transaction Size

$2 million to $50 million

Asset Type

We typically invest in three different asset types:

  • 1

    C-B+ multi-family properties

    85+% occupied assets capable of obtaining long-term debt.

  • 2

    Newly acquired

    multi-family properties capable of being converted into Senior Adult Assisted Living facilities.

  • 3

    Currently owned

    multi-family properties where the profits and occupancy are low and capable of generating more revenue with converting to a senior living facility.

Ratios and Exit

Capable of achieving 7-8% cash on cash return at takeover in primary markets, or 8-10% in secondary or emerging markets

A debt coverage ratio of 1.5

3-7 year holds

Target Markets

Primary and emerging markets nationwide. Plus, heavy populated senior adult and state-funded healthcare areas where this need is the strongest and quickest way to gain full occupancy at these locations.